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Serving Seniors & Veterans Since 1991

About Dougherty Insurances

Serving our customers for over 30 years, our agents have helped thousands of people navigate the medicare marketplace while providing personalized service along the way.  We prioritize your goals, recognizing each customer as an individual with different needs.  We contract with over 30 companies to find the best products and services at the lowest possible cost to you. We keep our customers informed as to the latest changes that may effect you and provide expert advice each step of the way.


We are an independent agency and will gladly share our professional opinion with you. Our opinion comes backed with decades of experience. Once you decide the plan, we are there to provide support and service should the need arise. Our dedicated employees will be there to answer the phone.

Being independent means we search the market for opportunities. you can take any plan available. We ensure your claims are all paid and if necessary, help you change plans in the future. You will have decades of experience on your side.

Family Owned & Operated
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